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This website is designed for emerging education leaders. The resources provided are created primarily for the novice teacher; however, novice teacher is broadly defined as:

  • A future educator who wants to learn more about the profession.

  • An educator who is new to classroom teaching.

  • An educator who wants more exposure to teacher leadership concepts.

  • A seasoned educator who may want a fresh approach to the profession.

  • A non-educator who wants to learn more about the tremendous work that is being done by educators.


This is the podcast I wish I had access to earlier in my career. I wish I had earlier exposure to the work taking place in the larger education community. I wish I knew how to grow my teacher voice and my professional learning network during my first few years of teaching. I wish I knew that there were other jobs for educators out there beyond traditional classroom teacher and administrator.


This podcast is a resource for educators who want to expand their access to professional learning opportunities. In each episode I interview a different teacher leader who shares his or her experience in education and the lessons learned along the way. These are ordinary educators doing extraordinary things. Educators can listen to the entire series in order or choose the podcast topics that resonate with them.


After listening to the podcast, explore the collection of resources to aid your growth as an educator and teacher leader. Many of these resources reflect topics, ideas, and sites mentioned specifically in the podcast episodes; however, there are other resources provided to help you grow professionally. New resources are constantly being added so check back regularly.


Check the website for continued updates including: the UP NEXT blog, new episodes of the UP NEXT: EdChats podcast, new programs for novice educators, and regularly updated resources.

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