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UP NEXT: EdChats Podcast

How can you turn setbacks into opportunities for growth? With Sarah Brown Wessling

Episode 1


2010 National Teacher of the Year, Sarah Brown Wessling, shares her advice about how to turn a setback into an opportunity for growth.

How can you create a professional circle of trust? With Jessica Roberts

Episode 2

Teacher leader Jessica Roberts shares her insight about the value of finding other educators to collaborate with and learn from.

How can you take charge of your own professional growth? With Brian Sztabnik

Episode 3

Talks With Teachers host Brian Sztabnik shares his insights and experience on how educators can take ownership of their own professional growth.

What value comes from going public with your practice? With Jessica Cuthbertson

Episode 4

National Board Certified Teacher and blogger Jessica Cuthbertson shares her experiences about going public with her practice.

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